DeComposer’s Festival is Coming…

z60239494The HHSSO has it’s sights on October 29 for it’s 13th annual DeComposers Show.

Don’t miss it!


Mackinac Island Trip

Students in our HHSSO (Holland High School Symphony Orchestra) had a wonderful time at Mackinac Island rehearsing, performing, and touring the island with fudge on their breath September 26 – 28. Hope College student Ms. Tori Barr, French Hornist Mrs. Carrie Rogers-O’Neal, and Orchestra Director Mr.John Reikow split the group up into sectionals and worked on pieces from this years repertoire. Students enjoyed hanging out together, taking in the sights (including over 1000 Boy Scouts and a Republican Convention), and rehearsing in the historical sound stage and Theater at Mission Point which is the location of many films including Somewhere In Time staring Christopher Reeve of Superman movie fame and Jane Seymour notably for her roll in the hit television show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.