Solo and Ensemble Time!

The time has come for the middle school 8th grade students to get geared up for this weekend. North Rockford is quite a distance so plan ahead.

Here are your assigned times. I will be arranging with your accompanist for you have a few times to get things together, if you are using Mrs. Maatman. It’s time to nail down your piece and put the polish on. I will be listening to you on a daily basis from here on out so be prepared with your music in class.  The festival is at North Rockford Middle School on December 4, 2010.
Here are a few things to remember:
  • Find it on the map (click the link above) and plan your travel so you are at the school 1/2 hour before your performance time.
  • Have a piece that is at least 1 1/2 minutes long. (TIME IT!)
  • Let your accompanist know the location and time you perform.
  • Dress so you look like you value what you are doing. (No jeans, tee shirts with print, sneakers, or flip flops. Look nice but not over kill like prom dresses or tuxes)
  • Your director may or may not be available at the festival site. We assume you have everything you need and are on your own.
  • Have a judges copy (the original purchased music. Not photo copied) with every measure numbered in pencil and your name and school on the top. The judges copy must have all parts of all ensemble members clearly displayed and lined up correctly. See your director about this so they can approve your judges score.
Festival: DIST10JR – N Rockford MS Dec. 4, 2010
P007 9:28am Sadie Misiewicz – District Solo – Snare  (#771)
P009 10:39am Grace Berens – District Solo – Cello  (#1457)
P002 11:11am Emily Curtis – District Solo – Bb Clarinet  (#774)
P009 11:19am Connor Choumannivong – District Solo – Cello  (#1460)
P004 11:43am Emma Martens – Ensemble-Duet – Woodwind Ens  (#772)
P004 11:51am Kelsey Ruhf – Ensemble-Duet – Woodwind Ens  (#773)
P007 1:16pm Zack Logan – Ensemble-Duet – Percussion Ens  (#775)
P009 1:48pm Max Lamb – Ensemble-Duet – String Ens  (#1459)
P008 2:28pm Faith Thomas – District Solo – Viola  (#3128)
P008 2:36pm Clara Bakker – District Solo – Violin  (#2737)
P009 2:52pm Jordanna DeVette – District Solo – Viola  (#3127)
P008 2:52pm Mia Rettler – District Solo – Viola  (#1458)
P008 4:43pm Paul Richmond – District Solo – Violin  (#2662)
P009 4:59pm Raymond Surya – Ensemble-Trio – Cello  (#2738)


Mr. John Reikow
Director of Orchestras and Jazz Studies
Holland Public Schools
jreikow@Holland Public