Orchestras Rated Superior

The Award Winning Holland Orchestras do it again!
Last night’s performances marked 15 years of superior 1st division ratings at MSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival. All three of the Holland High Orchestras came home last night with Superior 1st division ratings from the Michigan School Band and Orchestra District 10 Band and Orchestra Festival held at East Kentwood High School. Orchestras are judged onperformance and sight reading skills in an hour long testing process.Judges commented on how well our students played and applauded the spirit and energy the students performed with on stage. One judge commented on the level of musicianship our student achieved is amazing for high school students. The true stand out for the evening was the Holland High Chamber Orchestra receiving straight superior 1st division ratings from all the judges and almost all A’s in every category.Congratulations Holland Orchestras!


Orchestras Gear up for Festival

Dear Parents and Students,

Here is important information regarding our upcoming concert and Michigan School Band and Orchestra festival performances .These performances are important to us as they will be judged and are State qualifying performances. Given the busy time of year, you will no doubt want to make sure you have this information on your calendar so your students can have this great experience. These events are required and are high point performances for this marking period. Here is a rundown of the schedule:



+500 points February 22, 2011 7:30PM Pre-festival Concert @ HHS Performing Arts Center
+500 points February 24, 2011 12:30PM Concert Orchestra Leaves HHS for East Kentwood HS
2:20PM Concert Orchestra goes to warm up
2:40PM Concert Orchestra Performs
3:30PM Symphony and Chamber Orchestras leave HHS
5:00PM Concert Orchestra leaves for HHS
5:45PM Concert Orchestra arrives at HHS
5:20PM Chamber Orchestra to warm up
5:40PM Chamber Performs
6:40PM Symphony and Chamber eat
7:25PM Symphony to warm up
7:45PM Symphony Orchestra Performs
9:00PM Symphony and Chamber depart for HHS
9:45PM Symphony and Chamber arrive at HHS

Because of the amount of students involved in these performances for MSBOA festival we need many chaperones in order to make this trip a success. If you have the time to travel along with your students groups please give me a call at 494-2260.

For more information please go to our Music Department website at www.hpsmusicdept.wordpress.com