State Solo and Ensemble Times

March 26 at West Ottawa High School. Time to practice! Write down your times and tell your accompanist. March 26 is coming fast!!!!


Festival: HOLL.W.OTT – Holland W. Ottawa HS
P012 8:00am Dominic Surya – Ensemble-Quartet – String Ens  (#20486)
P011 8:24am Dominic Surya – Proficiency I Solo – Violin  (#17825)
P013 8:24am Graeme Richmond – Proficiency I Solo – Cello  (#17824)
P007 8:44am Paul Rich – Proficiency I Solo – Bb Clarinet  (#20483)
P014 9:16am Nathan Walker – Proficiency II Solo – String Bass  (#17822)
P020 9:44am John Teasley – Ensemble-Septet – Percussion Ens  (#17820)
P015 9:44am Nathan Walker – Piano Pro II – Piano  (#17823)
P011 3:43pm Merice Raber – Ensemble-Duet – String Ens  (#17821)
P004 4:15pm Suzana Delgado – Ensemble-Duet – Woodwind Ens  (#17816)
Total Events in this Festival (Holland W. Ottawa HS) : 9



No Symphony on March 6,7 or 8

Contrary to the High School Schedule listed on the high school web site, there will be no zero hour on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We will resume rehearsal with strings sectional on Thursday and full rehearsal on Friday. Study hard for those exams, and good luck. Let the power of the Mozart effect enrich your knowledge. If you are not sure what that is, look it up here