8th Grade Solo and Ensembles are posted!!!!

Festival: DIST10JR – N. Rockford MS Nov. 19, 2011
P009 9:28am Mia Rettler – Ensemble-Duet – String Ens  (#1799)
P008 10:47am Micah Stilwell – District Solo – String Bass  (#1800)
P009 11:03am Grace Berens – District Solo – Cello  (#1798)
P008 11:27am Conner Choummanivong – District Solo – Cello  (#1801)
P002 2:52pm Zachary Hamilton – District Solo – Oboe  (#1745)
P005 3:15pm Katie Faga – District Solo – Cor/Trp/Flg  (#1743)
P001 3:31pm Elise Dye – Ensemble-Duet – Flute  (#1744)
P001 3:39pm Katie Wahmhoff – Ensemble-Duet – Flute  (#1741)
P002 3:39pm Kelsey Ruhf – Ensemble-Duet – Bb Clarinet  (#1742)
P007 3:55pm William Book – District Solo – Snare  (#1746)

About Mr. Reikow
Mr. Reikow is the director of the orchestra programs for Holland public schools.

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