TIMES UP Solo and Ensemble Registration and Step-up Instrument Night

If your child has not registered for high school solo and ensemble as of Monday November 28, 2011(tomorrow) he/she will miss the dead line. No late registrations will be accepted. Solo and ensemble is for every child that is performing an instrument at Holland High School. This is the perfect opportunity for them to learn a solo or duet and prepare it for a performance where they will get a critique on the performance by a qualified judge.There are no scales or memorization required at the district level. Most of my students jump up a level going through this process. Students do not need a private teacher to do solo and ensemble. Mr. Bogue and I will help students select appropriate music and assist them in learning the selection. For any students thinking of majoring or minoring in music in college, this is a must do performance. Think of it as a 5 minute lesson with the impact of a 1/2 year development as a musician. It’s a great deal. Performances at the solo and ensemble while “nerve wracking” or “scary” give each student a great dose of putting their talents and hard work on the line for constructive comments – just like the real world. If your child is opting out of solo and ensemble, then they are missing a great opportunity to improve their playing. PLEASE encourage your student to participate in this great event put on by the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association. Just click  REGISTRATION FORM  and fill out the form then submit the required amount due by TOMORROW to Mr. Reikow or Mr. Bogue.

AND Don’t forget Thursday December 1 at Holland High School Medial center at 7:00PM. We are hosting a seminar on step up instruments along with Meyer Music. There is no obligation to come in and find out all there is to know regarding instruments that may be suitable for your child to progress up to. Meet us in the HHS Media Center between 7-8PM to get informed.


Step up Instrument Night

The Holland High School Instrumental Music Department is putting on a Step Up Instrument night on December 1st at the Holland High School Media Center at 7 – 8PM.
This evening is designed to give a close up look at instruments that are available to assist your students’ growth as a musician.
Perhaps you have had conversations regarding a better instrument or a better component like a wood bow or a different mouth piece with your student. Meyer Music Co. will be on hand to discuss and answer questions as well as provide a close up look at what they have to offer in the way of step up instruments. We will have discussions on how instruments are made and what to look for in buying instruments. This is a great time to find out what you have always wanted to know about instruments and are afraid to ask such as:
· What really is an open-hole flute and does my child need one?
· What makes an instrument better than another?
· Will I have to sell my car to buy a step up instrument for my student?
· What is a carbon fiber bow and is it really what my child needs?
· Does a better instrument make my child more competitive for college auditions?
· What’s’ the difference between silver and brass instruments?
· Is the violin Aunt Martha played in 1924 considered a step up instrument?
· Will Meyer put the money I have paid to rent/buy my child’s instrument into a step up instrument?
· Is this something I could do for my child for the Holidays?
· Can I afford this?
You are not obligated to buy from Meyer Music. This is however a great chance to get some good information on a good opportunity.
Stop by the Holland High School Media Center on December 1, 2011 between 7pm and 8pm to find out more about step up instruments!


John Reikow – Director of Orchestras and Jazz Band
John Bogue – Diretor of Bands