It’s Decomposers Time



Flash Mob Time!

Its time to flash mob at Decomposers! Everyone needs to get with these dance moves. Even Mr Reikow is working in front of the computer, and scaring his cat as he shuffles.  Have some fun, and tell your parents it’s homework! We will dance at the end of both shows. If you don’t know all the moves it’s no biggie. Lets just have fun.

Time for t shirts

The Decomposers festival is right around the corner. It’s time to dress in your favorite shirt. A 2011 Decomposers tee shirt that is. $13 dollars and your size is all Mr. Reikow needs to get you a cool glow in the dark shirt for you to wear. Bring your money in by Thursday October20. Mr. Reikow can hook you up!.

Mackinac Island Here We Come!!!

It’s going to be fun. Make sure you have turned in your permission slips and power of attorney to Mr. Reikow by Friday September 16, 2011 or you will not be able to go on the trip.

See you bright and early on Saturday. Bus Rolls Out At 6:00AM!!!

Welcome to a New Year Of Orchestra

I have been enjoying the summer sailing and remodeling. It will be fun to get into the classroom and hear the music of our students. The band is practicing hard and already had a wonderful debut last Friday. Way to go Marching Dutch and Mr Bogue.

HHS Symphony members make sure you have made the correction on the date to go to Mackinac to September 17-19. If you have missed the signup but you have the $ to go ($350) send it to Cathy Brock @ 795 Concord Dr. Holland, Mi 49423.

Be prepared to play on the second day of class. I will post our music here and you can start practicing this week if you wish to get a jump ahead.

Don’t forget about the open house at Holland High on Wednesday night. Stop by and say hello.


Mackinac Island trip date change

Due to the date of homecoming being on the same weekend we are changing the trip to a weekend earlier on September 17 -18 then home on September 19. Please post it on your calendar. If you have issues regarding this date please contact me as soon as possible. Email me at

State Solo and Ensemble Times

March 26 at West Ottawa High School. Time to practice! Write down your times and tell your accompanist. March 26 is coming fast!!!!


Festival: HOLL.W.OTT – Holland W. Ottawa HS
P012 8:00am Dominic Surya – Ensemble-Quartet – String Ens  (#20486)
P011 8:24am Dominic Surya – Proficiency I Solo – Violin  (#17825)
P013 8:24am Graeme Richmond – Proficiency I Solo – Cello  (#17824)
P007 8:44am Paul Rich – Proficiency I Solo – Bb Clarinet  (#20483)
P014 9:16am Nathan Walker – Proficiency II Solo – String Bass  (#17822)
P020 9:44am John Teasley – Ensemble-Septet – Percussion Ens  (#17820)
P015 9:44am Nathan Walker – Piano Pro II – Piano  (#17823)
P011 3:43pm Merice Raber – Ensemble-Duet – String Ens  (#17821)
P004 4:15pm Suzana Delgado – Ensemble-Duet – Woodwind Ens  (#17816)
Total Events in this Festival (Holland W. Ottawa HS) : 9